Adjustable Dripper

Item No.: IDE01
This adjustable dripper is an efficient and gentle way to water potted plants and flower beds. The control knob adjusts water flow and spray distance. Easily threads on a 1/4" fitting.

● Adjustable Irrigation Drippers Sprinklers Emitter,Automatic cleaning;
● Size:1/4”, 0-70L/H ,Working pressure: 1-3KG;
● Suitable for 4mm/7mm(Inner/Outer diameter) tube,Able to Maintain constant when Long laying or pressure fluctuations, irrigation uniformity;
● Color: Black and Red, Material: Plastic,Full open will cover a 10 to 12 inch circle;
● Has a 1/4 inch barb thread connection,Spray radius: 0-0.5m,Great for watering potted plants.