Big LCD Display Digital Programmable Timer

Item No.: BTS001
The digital programmable timer can easily set up to 16 on/off programs.


Outlets are controlled simultaneously, and settings can be as short as one minute. Each event can be set to occur on a specific day, combination of days, or every day. With the built-in battery, you can operate the clock and set the digital light timer when off from your wall socket.


 ●Easily set up to 16 on/off programs. Min timer interval is 1 min. Schedule your lights for different  habits;
●Customize 7-day programs on appliances like your bedside lamp, coffee maker, A/C and more. Save energy and money by keeping them off when needed;
●Equipped with a fuse to guard against power surges, such as those caused by lightning and thunderstorms;
●Big LCD displsy for easy and clear reading;
●Plug-in design; Easy programming;
●4 Keys for timer setting;
●LR44 cell batteries backup to store memory setting;
●Anti-accuracy and strong anti-interference.