BAC401D04 Auto Backflushing Filtration Controller

Item No.: BAC401D04
ARTHAS series automatic backflushing filtration controller is
equipped with built-in computer microchip. Automatic backflushing control system is made up of the solenoid valve, three-way backflushing valve, filter units, hydraulic sensor, alarm, pressure
Automatic backflushing control system is made up of water solenoid valve,three -way backflushing valve,filter units,hydraulic sensor,alarm,pressure sustaining valve,water pump and so on,which are linked by the programming software through input and output signals of controller. It can automatically take turns to clean each filter online.Meanwhile,it can uninterruptedly provide filtration water.So it achieves the purpose of unmanned automatic control.The controller is equipped with LCD which can show real-time operation status of equipment.
Apply in backflushing disc filter,to form automatic backflushing disc filter system;
Apply in sand media filter,to form the automatic backflushing shallow dielectric filter system;
*The controller can be set three kinds of backflushing trigger modes:timing trigger,start,inlet and outlet pressure difference trigger,and manual trigger;
*The controller is equipped with a differential pressure sensor and water pressure connecting port for inlet and outlet,which can determine immediately the difference of water pressure;
*It is embedded pressure sensor zero calibration.when calibration,it is needed to disconnect the water pipe;
*The controller can be separately count the number of backflushing cycles triggered by DP, by time and manually;
*The controller can be set the times of backflushing cycle triggered by differential pressure .When the times of backflushing cycle triggered by the differential pressure exceeds the preset times,the backflushing will be stopped and give an alarm.The alarm problem will be displayed on the screen.The pressure difference could not trigger backflushing,the subsequent backflushing will only be triggered by the timer start;
*The controller can output a control signal of the main pressure sustaining valve(or on-off valve);
*The controller can set whether the pressure sustaining valve is working ,and delay the opening time of backflushing valve after the pressure sustaining valve starts to work;
*The controller is equipped with customized LCD screen and keyboard for user to interact and reflect real-time running status of the equipment.The display interface is designed user-friednly and its operation is simple and easy;
*The user can set the backflushing time,the delay time between the backflushing valves and the delay time of the differential pressure detection flexibly;
*Integrated structure design,IP66 protection level;
*Its powered by four DC 1.5V dry battery and can be connected to control multiple DC 12V self-locking solenoid valves;
*The maximum optional 4 control filter units,and the user can select 1 to 4 control filter units according to their needs flexibly;
*Battery life is 6 months;
Model Control Route Supply Voltage Station Output Screen Display Working Temperature
BAC401D04 4 DC 1.5V x4 DC 12V (Latch) LCD feild screen 0℃ -60 ℃
Unit: mm